Wasting away

So just a quick update this week about what we found in the sewer heading (because i know you are all dying to find out). The miners are still digging, but they have now got a few meters into the tunnel and have shored up the sides so it is all nice and safe. Our methodology involves us looking at the soil excavated by the miners, and drawing sections or plans at various intervals along the tunnel.

Mike harnessed up in the sewer heading

Mike harnessed up in the sewer heading

Once the miners had broken through the basement wall it was clear that there was going to be a fair bit of archaeology for us; large amounts of burnt Samian was coming out of the spoil. The section we were faced with made us smile, it was an almost text book section! A Medieval chalk wall, on top of dark dump layers, on top of burnt Roman demolition rubble, on top of what looks like a possible Roman brick-earth surface. If, as an archaeologist, you are going to draw a section to teach kids about stratigraphy it would look a lot like this…

'Paint by numbers' archaeology

‘Paint by numbers’ archaeology

So we think that we are looking at late Roman building and demolition, with layers of abandonment and then some Medieval chaps come along and start building their chalk walls on top.

Sadie's sensational section

Sadie’s sensational section

At the moment we are waiting for the miners to progress further before we continue recording, but if anything else pops up we will let you know!


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