BAA Best Archaeological Project 2014

We are delighted to have been awarded the British Archaeological Award for Best Archaeological Project for Bloomberg London. Well done and thank you to all those involved and to those that have supported the project!  And a special thanks to everyone who waded in, dug, washed, sifted or analysed all that Walbrook mud!

BAA 2014 (c) MOLA 2014

Cheesy grins all round… (L-R Michael Marshall (Finds Specialist) Michael Tetreau (Senior Archaeologist) Sadie Watson (Project Officer) Sophie Jackson (Project Manager) Jessica Bryan (Senior Archaeologist) Dan Snow (President of the Council for British Archaeology))

Anyway, we can’t stand around here all day. The work is far from done and we have a book to write….

For further info on the British Archaeological Awards, and the other great projects that received commendations and awards please click here.


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