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Walbrook Discovery Programme
Museum of London Archaeology
Mortimer Wheeler House
46 Eagle Wharf Road
N1 7ED


0207 410 2250


5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Fascinating! I am taking courses with Coursera and studying Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology with Professor Peter Struck from Penn University and another course on Archaeology with Professor Sue Alcock from Browns University. The coins with Aeneas on the reverse, fit both courses! I have to select an aecheological site, take a screenshot from Google Earth, enter the co ordinates and write 50 – 150 words. I am going to use the Walbrook site for my piece of work. Can you tell me what the co ordinates are to the site?

    Many thanks

    Sheila J South (Mrs)

  2. I was largely unaware of the mythology when I first wrote my short story ‘Aquila & the serpent’ in the 70’s. It’s interesting the way historical themes persist in creative work. You can read the story, with color illustrations, at my website.

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