Excavating a Roman Floor

Not only have our archaeologists have been hard at work carefully excavating the heart of Roman Londinium, they’ve been given a chance to play with some new kit. And now we have a chance to take you out on site with us through the power of time-lapse video! In a series of videos we recorded the whole process of uncovering, recording and lifting a Roman tessellated floor!  The first video follows our archaeologists (and our friendly McGee site labourers) uncovering the tessellated floor by removing the trampled material that lay on top. 

So here is the first in our series of videos featuring our lovely archaeologists, a massive Roman tessellated floor, and some homegrown rock and roll for good measure: 

Video (c) MOLA 2012
Music (c) From the Ashes 2012

10 thoughts on “Excavating a Roman Floor

  1. very good; this video also provides helpful site orientation; looks like you’re currently working near the southern edge of the Bucklersbury House site, camera view looking north; I would never forget the ghastly-looking stripey building in the top right, which is #1 Poultry! any sign of the projected E-W road along Cannon St down there on that part of the site?

  2. Hi Peter,

    We have a number of sites along the Walbrook at the moment, but unfortunately we are not excavating next to Cannon Street. We are near by though! We did have some trenches near Cannon Street earlier on in the year, but the truncation from the 1960’s building was such that we were mainly excavating early Walbrook foreshore deposits.

    • hi Sadie; yep got back to the UK earlier this week; would love to see the site sometime before christmas; will email you in the next week; cheers! pete

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